About Pernambut

Pernambut was in existence from the Pallava period. During the 15th and 16th century, the North Arcot District was under the control of Hindu rules of Vijaya Nagar. In 1687 onwards North Arcot District was brought under the control of the Nawabs of Karnatic. During the beginning of 18th Century onwards Pernambut was brought under the control of British. From the above past incidents, through it is known that the Pernambut was in existence since 15th century. There are no protected or notified monuments at present to reveal the past history and perhaps they might have been ruined due to successive wars held during the past.

Pernambut is one of the leather Oriented Industrial Town in Tamil Nadu and hence wet and dry process industries are predominantly occupies. Other common industries and Beedi factories also exist.

Pernambut Municipality is situated in Vellore District under the control of Regional Director of Municipal Administration, Vellore. Pernambut Municipality was upgraded from selection grade Town Panchayat to III Grade Municipality as per. Tamil Nadu Government Gazette Extra-ordinary part IV-section 2, Dated:14.6.2004 and the Municipality is functioning in the same grade till date. It is consisting of Pernambut Town covering an extent of 7.61Sq.k.m. This municipality is having 21 wards.